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Career consultants are those who help individuals find their optimal career route, sometimes they are also known as career coaches or counselors. As a consultant, you can help people determine what is right for them in the decisions they make in their career. In order to become a career consultant it is of utmost importance that you are knowledgeable in the chosen industry and can find tools that will help individuals find a good career path. You can do so by using a few tips that are mentioned below briefly.

Determine the client base

As a career consultant, you can help people out at different phases of their life for example; you can help students in schools or adults at corporate companies. It is important to understand what each client’s requirement is. The ideal way is to talk and discuss with the clients rather than relying on the resumes that you receive which most of the time are written by CV writing services to land a perfect job. Find out which age group you would like to work with, once you identify this you could take specialized classes or courses in the field of career consultancy to help you learn more about the job role.CV writing services

Education and practical experience
When it comes to the qualifications, many counselors require a bachelors and a master’s degree as the minimum. While, the requirements differ from each country, having a PhD in counseling is sometimes mandatory too depending on the type of consultancy and clientele. Moreover, it is vital for counselors to get enough practical experience in order to acquire the necessary skills required to be an effective counselor. This will also help you interact with all kinds of individuals for example; individuals with mining resumes will have a different mindset to that of a college graduate.


Career counselors are required to have certain certifications if they are to practice counseling. For example; working as a counselor in a school will need a K-12 certificate and some schools require further specialized certification. Apart from specialized certificates, your local authority may also need you to obtain national certificates in order to start counseling at organizations and so on. Typically, career counselors are also required to pass a criminal background check before the start counseling.

Application process

After the above procedures are followed, you can begin applying to jobs using popular job banks. Most of these data bases are quite large so you can filter searches to suit your requirement if need be. You can also spread the word to family, friends and colleagues to look out for potential openings.