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We have all been through that phase when we have felt like we can’t wait to grow up. We want be like our older sisters and brothers going to high school or university. We want that freedom that looks so inviting. We want to be cool like them. School seems like the most boring thing that we have to do. It feels stupid and babyish to most of us. It seems like you can have fun only when you grow and you can’t wait to reach that age of the teens to get what you want. But unfortunately it’s only when we get there do we understand the instead of the problems ending, they have just started.

The perks that are not so perky

Growing up doesn’t mean that you get to do what you want. It just means that you are able to take up more responsibilities. It means you are mature enough to understand certain things that you didn’t before. And on the educational aspect of things it means you are done with school and are ready to step into the world of higher education. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a basic diploma in building and construction or if you are aiming for the stars and going for a medical degree, it all boils down to the amount of hard work you are willing to put in. because the more you grow the tougher the problems that you need to learn to solve.And it is at this point that the pressure increases on you. The expectations have risen and everyone is watching till you make a mistake to pounce on you. You need to make your parents proud and be the star. From building courses Melbourne to technology and software courses to medical courses, there is so much of competition out there in the world today, that it is not an easy task to get your place in a top notch university. You need to have done well during your school education and most universities are looking for all-rounders, with lots of extracurricular capabilities. So it’s simply not enough that you bury yourself behind books and can say them out loud word for word. You need to be multitalented and able to contribute in many other ways to be a candidate at the top of the list. So when you consider all this, once you have reached that stage, it feels like it would have been better off if we could have spent a little more time being younger. Letting other people make the decisions for us. Letting other people tell us what needs to be done, when and where. Because that is really the time when we are care free and stress free. Because with age comes responsibility and with responsibility comes stress and worry.